Being a major player in the beverage industry in the region is no coincidence. Dedicated to manufacturing excellence since its inception, Al Jomaih Bottling Plants grew fast from one glass bottling facility operating with a capacity of 1,920 bottles per hour to three state-of-the-art manufacturing lines producing over 100 SKUs in the Kingdom. Operating in conformity with PepsiCo quality and service standards, the company focuses on innovative technology and world class customer service to maintain its leading position in the manufacturing industry.


In a high precision, fast-paced world, Al Jomaih Bottling Plants constantly strives to upgrade its facilities to stay abreast of world class standards by investing in cutting-edge technology, advanced manufacturing equipment, as well as quality monitoring systems and processes. Al Jomaih’s plants are also supported by water treatment facilities designed as per the highest global quality standards.


While we make sure to use the best water possible, we are careful to optimize its use through innovative processes and new technologies. Our facilities have been able to improve water use efficiency by saving nearly 10% per unit of production and reducing plastic usage by 1,665 tons in 2013.


Today, supported by highly-developed manufacturing systems, Al Jomaih Bottling Plants produces a large portfolio of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, including the purified bottled water Aquafina. With a wide range of sizes and shapes, varying from the standard can to the PET 2.25 liter Can, our beverages satisfy every taste and occasion. Lightweight and recyclable, they are not only practical but also beautiful packages that have become part of people’s tastiest moments.