Water Sources

Water is a key component to our operations. As our production doubled and our operations expanded along the years, supply from the local Water Authority was not sufficient anymore. This prompted Al Jomaih to examine other reliable and ubiquitous supply sources which led to adopting a self-sufficiency model; henceforth our “deep water well” journey commenced.


Securing approvals for digging a 1,500-meter deep water well was not a simple endeavor. It required the approval of the highest authority as well as the involvement of various ministries such as the Ministry of Water, Ministry of Municipalities and others. The project was finally completed in 1999 alongside the establishment of a water treatment station by a specialized international company.


The deep well waters have undergone numerous examinations and testing in major specialized international laboratories and in coordination with PepsiCo International. The results have attested to the water’s highest quality, making the deep well a secure and ubiquitous supply source for Al Jomaih’s CSD and Aquafina plants from that day on.