Al Jomaih Consumer Division
Green Operations & Sustainability
Being successful today is not enough. Al Jomaih Bottling Plants believes in corporate social responsibility as a precursor to a successful tomorrow. Striving to ingrain environmental sustainability into the culture, we have committed to embed eco-friendly solutions in our operations and the entire packaging supply chain. Additionally, we are constantly seeking to find innovative ways to optimize the use of natural resources through energy and water conservation, as well as reduced use of packaging material. Strict commitment to our sustainability strategy helped us drive considerable progress achieving our set objectives year after year in each of our plants. Some of these milestones are listed below:
  • Reduction of packaging weight of Aquafina and PET bottles by almost 30%.
  • Elimination of pads packaging for multi-serve PET bottle cases, resulting in 100% paper usage reduction.
  • Replacement of trays of cans with pads, thus eliminating glue on more than 50 million cases and as a result achieving a 34.1% reduction in cartons and more than 20 tons of glue.
  • Implementation of water conservation projects that helped in achieving a saving of more than 11.74% in cubic meters of water in Riyadh and Qassim plants.
  • Replacement of LPG and Diesel forklifts by electrical ones in order to create a healthy work environment in all our manufacturing facilities.